What is the Hellenism?


Hellenism was the most popular religion in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, and what we're restarting now. The religion is based on gods and goddesses, each of which has a special field unique to them, such as blacksmithing or hunting.


Who are the gods and goddesses?


The main gods and goddesses are commonly referred to as "The Olympian Twelve," "The Twelve Olympians," or "The Olympian Seat." We name and describe them in detail on the page "The 12 Olympian Gods." After these, there are many minor Greek gods and goddesses, along with the two great gods and goddesses of the earth. They can be found on the pages "The Minor Greek Gods" and "The Great Gods of the Earth," respectively.


Is this a cult?


The Greek religion is no more of a cult than Christianity, Islam, or Hinduism is. Just because this religion has been dormant for quite a few millenia doesn't change the fact that this religion was once the major religion of a whole country (Greece, obviously), and the Roman Empire!


Why do I have to convert?


The beauty of this site is that you don't have to convert. Though some might few this as help to a new religion (which I personally hope for), you can just use this as a research tool.